An Introduction to Carpet Cleaning

This book, written by Dr. Eric M Brown, describes the ‘how’ of carpet cleaning.  An introduction to carpet cleaning contains a wealth of advice about all aspects of carpet cleaning. This includes technical advice on types of carpet, stain removal, the nature of soil and details on the choice and use of machines.

The book includes a large selection of practical advice on setting up a carpet cleaning business, choosing your machines, stain removal and the diagnosis of carpet faults.

Since being written in 1998 this book has formed the back bone of the British carpet cleaning industry. It offer the most detailed guide on carpet cleaning available today.


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An Introduction to Carpet Cleaning Chapters:

  1. First Principles: The nature of soil, soil retention, fibres, carpet types and construction.
  2. Choosing a Machine: Vacuum cleaning, power brush, shampooing – using single brush, multi-brush, cylindrical brush and spray extraction machines, bonnet buffing, dry powder cleaning, pumps, air blowers.
  3. The Chemistry of Cleaning: Wetting; anionic, cationic and non-ionic surfactants, pH measurement, stain removal, soil retardancy and stain repelling, Kawasaki Syndrome.
  4. Techniques: Selling a carpet cleaning service, importance of a professional image, financial aspects, office practices, preliminary inspection,
  5. Stain removal, carpet cleaning by machine, special finishes.
  6. Diagnosis of Faults: Fog marking, excess oil, differential wear, pile reversal, holes, stains, bleeding, cellulosic browning, shrinkage, mildew, rapid resoiling, transitional colours, identification kit.

2nd edition 1998  121 pages  250 by 170mm  Illustrated  Soft cover  ISBN 0 9528610 1 1

Author – Dr Eric M Brown £12.00 +Postage