This book, written by Dr. Eric M Brown, deals with soiling, cleaning, prevention of soiling and anti-soil finishes as well as maintenance options.

It offers practical advice on maintaining carpets to a high standard, ensuring that the usable life time of the carpet is prolonged to it full extent.

Fundamentals of carpet maintenance was first published in 1995. Since then it has formed an indispensable reference to all cleaning professionals. Priced at £12.00 + postage.


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Fundamentals of Carpet Maintenance Chapters:

Part 1 – Basics

  1. The Soiling Phenomenon: Mechanisms of soiling, measurement and factors affecting degree of soiling, fibre properties, carpet construction, the soiling profile.
  2. The Cleaning Phenomenon: Sinner’s circle, cleaning agents, resoiling, antistatic properties, mechanical action – bristles,
    brushes, water jets, time and temperature, fibre type.
  3. From Fibre to Carpet: 
  4. Fibre types – natural, man-made, identification, yarns, carpet manufacture, types of pile, carpets without pile.

Part 2 – Maintenance Options

  1. Preventative Planning: Entrance mats, soil retardant and stain repellant finishes.
  2. Regular Maintenance: Vacuum cleaning, spot and stain removal.
  3. Interim Maintenance: Bonnet cleaning, absorbent compound or powder cleaning.
  4. Periodic Maintenance: Shampooing, spray extraction, truck mounted units, ultrasonics, electrostatics, plant cleaning.

2nd edition 1995  123 pages  250 by 170mm  Illustrated  Soft cover  ISBN 0 9508446 9 1