Written by JKP Edwards TD, MA, MCMI. FBICSc, this book deals in some detail with practically every type of floor and contains a wealth of knowledge obviously gained from wide experience over many years.
The aim of the book is to explain in everyday language how each of the many different floors found in commercial, industrial, public and many other types of building should be maintained. The correct materials to use and avoid and the methods that should be adopted are fully explained.

This 2nd edition contains many improvements over the 1st. Some of the major ones are:
-New water-based seals for wood are included.
-New chapter on Granwood and Gransprung floors has been added.
-Vitrification has been included.
-The chapter on Resilient Floors has been totally revised and the maintenance of slip-resistant floors added.
– The carpet stain removal appendix has been up-dated.
-The index has been up-dated.

Each type of floor is considered with respect to characteristics, maintenance, sealing, waxing and use of detergents.


2nd edition 1999, 2nd impression 2005, A5 size 166 pages Illustrated Soft cover ISBN 0 947567 30 5 

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  1. Elements of Floor Maintenance: Industrial detergents, floor seals and waxes.
  2. Wood Group of Floors: Wood, wood composition, cork, magnesite.
  3. Granwood and Gransprung Floors.
  4. Stone Group of floors: Concrete and granolithic, terrazzo, marble, natural stones, clay tiles, quarry tiles, mosaics, faience tiles, paver tiles, vitreous tiles, tessellated tiles, adamantine tiles, encaustic tiles, pavoirs, brick, cement latex.
  5. Asphalt Group of Floors: Mastic asphalt, pitch mastic.
  6. The Resilient Floors: Linoleum, cork carpet, thermoplastic tiles, PVC tiles and sheet, anti-slip or safety PVC, rubber.
  7. Carpet Group of Floor Coverings: Natural and synthetic fibres, backing, construction, Axminster, Wilton, tufted, needleloom, flocked, carpet tiles, static electricity, use of mechanical equipment, dry powder cleaners, carpet shampoos, spot removers, silicone treatments.
  8. Other Floors: Iron and steel, aluminum, glass, epoxy, polyurethane, anti-static (conductive) floors.


Removal of stains from carpets.

  1. Coverage of floor seals and waxes.
  2. Floor maintenance chart.
  3. Glossary of technical terms.
  4. Conversion tables.