Dear Colleagues

Given the current climate, I wish to advise you of our position on and approach to COVID 19.

Our current position is that all activities booked are postponed.

We are continually monitoring the advice of Government Agencies including Public Health Agencies across the UK.

Covid 19 is a novel Coronavirus with many unknown factors. Again EETD following the advice of Public Health Agencies across the UK.

We are also encouraging staff, associates and delegates to exercise their own self-care with handwashing, using the NHS health care message boards and discouraging hand-shakes. Smile and nod.

As events have been cancelled due to Government or Public Health Agency advice we will reschedule and transfer bookings.

For further updates.

Please check the EETD website regularly

Phone the office on 0121 57 40688 or 07904 959 761


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